Culture: Performance-Happiness Model

Achieving your company’s goals requires a program that incorporates leadership development, employee development, organizational restructuring and cultural alignment.

Stimulating bottom-up and top-down change encourages employee ownership of their own performance and happiness at work. It deepens the leadership team’s understanding of the company’s common workforce challenges and helps determine practical and relevant actions. Capiche’s comprehensive approach is based on the Performance-Happiness Model.

The Structure of Happiness at Work

Achieving your potential lies at the heart of the model. The 5Cs surround it.

  1. Contribution – The effort you make and your perception of it.
  2. Conviction – The motivation you have, whatever your circumstances.
  3. Culture – How well you feel you fit in at work.
  4. Commitment – The extent to which you are engaged with your work.
  5. Confidence – The sense of belief you have in yourself and your job.

Pride, trust and recognition embrace the 5Cs and are reliable indicators of what’s going on.

Every item needs to be in place for you, your team and your organization if you are to be truly happy and productive at work.

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