Multicolored DNA InfographicAre You Living Your Brand?

A brand is the sum of associations made with an organization.

The brand comprises all the good AND the bad attributes called to mind when one thinks of the organization.

Every organization has existing brand associations it wants to emphasize, maintain and possibly lose. Brand development is the process that moves the organization from current to desired brand.

There are two key principles of brand development: differentiation and integration.

  • Differentiation suggests the only sustainable market position is one in which we are offering something significantly different from and better than our competitors. These “differentiators” must evolve from current brand associations and be infused into the client’s experience in very real ways to be credible.
  • Integration involves ensuring that all marketing communications and activities reinforce the same core differentiators.

Anyone who has been through a branding process knows the hardest part of branding isn’t coming up with a logo or tagline. It’s getting to your company’s DNA—its values, vision, passion and purpose. That’s your culture. When you get to that, you can create your brand.

Through research, we can identify an organization’s current brand associations and relevant differentiators—along with a critical understanding of client needs and perceptions.

An organization’s brand should drive marketing strategies and all business decisions, giving the organization something to live up to. For example, Apple invests millions of dollars annually to showcase its brand of innovation and high design. And Zappos’ entire culture is created to live its brand of happy employees, which leads to great customer service (and significant profits).

When your people are living your brand, their personal values are in sync with the company’s. They are happier, more productive and they are your best ambassadors. Involve them from the start, get clear on values, vision, passion and purpose, walk the talk, and enjoy your success!

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