Birds Flying Higher InfographicIs It Lonely at the Top?

As a leader, you want your organization to succeed. You work hard to create a culture of high-performance.

You encourage your employees’ happiness because you know a happy employee is not only more fulfilled but also more productive, creative and confident; a stronger team player; and better-equipped to offer exceptional customer service.

But when’s the last time you thought about your happiness, your fulfillment? How many years have you put your needs on the back burner?

Coaching supports and challenges leaders to maximize their potential, which ultimately maximizes the potential of the people they lead. Our coaching goals are to build insight, self-awareness and self-leadership, empowering executives to boost their own resources.

Leadership coaching will help you discover the voice within calling you to deeper pursuits. You’ll reconnect with your passions, identify your goals and map out a strategy for attaining those targets. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement or both, Capiche can help you find the way.

As a co-active coach, Chris Cook honors your innate creativity and resourcefulness. She brings a clarity of vision and precision to her approach that will awaken you to the possibilities of your life. Decades of experience working with private and public sector executives have given Chris a shrewd awareness of the concerns leaders face. Her infectious enthusiasm will cheer you on even as she holds your feet to the fire, galvanizing you to achieve the changes you long for.

Like all great coaches, Chris will motivate, challenge and inspire you to evolve into the person you most want to be. Together, you will become collaborators in a unique creative process designed to transform your life.

Areas of Specialization

Below are just a few of the objectives Chris can help you realize:

  • Honing your leadership​​​ skills
  • Strengthening your work performance
  • Deepening your interpersonal relationships​​​​​
  • Balancing work and life
  • Transitioning to a new career
  • Creating your personal brand

Individual Coaching

Coaching supports and challenges today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to maximize their potential, which ultimately maximizes the potential of the people they lead.

Team Workshops

Capiche offers customized team workshops to help you understand and develop your team’s potential. Examples include: Leading with Emotional Intelligence; Living Your Brand; Defining Your Vision, Values and Purpose; and Increasing Pride, Trust and Recognition.

Sustainable Change

Through a combination of individual coaching; team workshops; and shared vision, values and purpose, organizations can create meaningful and lasting change.

Schedule a Session

The only way to satisfy your yearning for fulfillment is to act. Kick those excuses to the curb and jump into the race. When your happiness is at stake, why wait?

Capiche welcomes individuals from across the industries and around the globe. Schedule a complimentary phone, Skype or in-person consultation to see if Chris is the right leadership coach for you. Call 541.601.0114, email or complete our Contact form to begin your journey today.

Chris Cook Head ShotWhat Chris Cook’s Clients Are Saying

Chris has helped me become a better executive. I’m a better listener, and I’m handling stress better by realizing when to let things go that I can’t change. During this time of extraordinary challenges in the entertainment business, Chris has helped us come to a common vision, function as a team and communicate better using a shared language. This has made a difference in bringing organization back into the company. —John C. Schweiger, Chairman and CEO, Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc.

Chris holds a neutral, safe space for me to work on my business and personal growth. I uprooted unhelpful beliefs that held me back, and within a year, I achieved the big, scary goal I had set for myself. She empowers individuals to believe we have within us what we need to change and gives us confidence to trust the choices we make for ourselves. I could not ask for a business coach who better fits my growth style, and I could not have achieved my goals as quickly or effectively without Chris’ help. —Anne Lundgren, Producer, Joma Films

I so enjoyed my personal coaching time with Chris. She is honest, dynamic, playful, open and understanding. I was able to keep on track with my positive developments by focusing on my truth and seeing my false truth from other perspectives, transmuting fear into possibilities. She maintained the coaching (not counseling) position, and for that I was grateful. I was always moving forward, occasionally looking back but never going back. I felt heard and safe when I was with her. After our sessions, I felt enthused, rejuvenated and inspired to continue being the best me! —Jenifer K., Arts Administrator

I think of you often and feel such gratitude for the time that I worked with you. I know I am drawing from the support and tools you gave me as I take this huge step. Thank you so much for being there for me and for being who you are in this world. —Laura H., Artist and Teacher

Thank you for the amazing coaching service you provided for me. The two things your coaching service helped me realize that resonate with me are: 1) You are perfect just the way you are; 2) Be your authentic self. You helped me realize that when you’re not living faithfully to your authentic self, you find yourself feeling incomplete, as if there is a hole in your soul. Your communication and energy motivated me to continue a path of authenticity when I build business relationships and to let joy rather than fear be my guide. —Mary J., State Administrative Employee

Thanks as always for your keen ears and insights. My awareness has changed, my ability to “stay in choice” and to not let saboteurs run my thought process. I have gained a lot more trust in myself, in following my instincts specifically so I feel more in control of my life, which is a pretty amazing feeling! I see the connection between feeling in control of your decisions and the appreciation of those little things because I am not spending time struggling to gain control. I can see what I may have overlooked before is now right there in front of me, and that is a great enrichment to my life! Although I always felt able to tackle the hand dealt to me, now I feel like I can be the dealer at times. And if I can be the dealer, then really anything is possible! I can choose to deal again—I can let the game play out. It comes back to the idea of control for me; I don’t feel desperate and out of control, so I am not making decisions based on desperation or lack of control. That is freeing! —Sheila R., College Professor

Thank you for everything. You asked powerful questions and held a space for me, just two of the many things you did that allowed me to find my own voice. Your curiosity was evident and you always offered the perfect tool to shed light and open up a topic. I plan to continue exercising gratitude to increase the positive emotion in my life and the lives of those I touch. Throughout our sessions, I felt your warm support and complete lack of judgment. I hope to integrate that, not only in my own coaching, but in all that I do. —Lisa, Program Associate, Professional Association