Do One Emotionally Difficult Thing Every Day

How are you avoiding the tough—but productive—conversations that you could hold with your self? Or, as I like to ask, “What lies are you telling yourself right now?” (Admittedly, a little harsh.)

This week I am inspired by Peter Bregman’s article, just posted at Fast Company. Essentially, he challenges each of us to do one emotionally difficult thing every day. Most of us will avoid that challenge like the plague. But here’s why we might re-think that.

Tackling something that is emotionally charged is hard enough. But what’s worse? The pain we feel by not taking action. Not telling a colleague when his behavior is interfering with your work. Not saying no to the “friend” whose company leaves you drained every time you meet her for lunch—or anything else!

For me, it’s about articulating what’s going on. At the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), we just call it AWGO–articulating what’s going on. It’s a powerful coaching tool and can be used productively in most instances.

It’s hard to be honest and direct sometimes, especially within certain employment structures. I’ve found that as long as you are speaking with integrity and compassion, you will find greater happiness and make better choices. Every day in which you take on an emotional challenge gives you strength and underlines your integrity. It’s natural to experience fear that such openness will result in a bad outcome—that’s why it’s such a challenge.  The outcomes, though, are far better than the price you pay.

What sorts of things might you find emotionally difficult to do? Please share your ideas here. If it’s difficult for you, it’s most likely difficult for others too.




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