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Leaders, Listen Up!

Leaders Listen Up

Human connection is critical for a person’s health and development, starting at infancy and continuing into the workplace. Relationships with colleagues and with the boss matter for creating a workplace where employees come to work ready to contribute and be their best.

We live in a time when we are nearly always “connected.” According to the Pew Research Center*, 75% of people under 30 own a smart phone—and 61% of all working people own one.

So what’s the problem? A Blanchard Companies* survey found that 81% of workers say their leaders don’t listen and 82% say they don’t provide appropriate feedback.

Only 34% of workers meet with their boss once a week, and 28% rarely or never discuss future goals with their boss. Yet 70% wish they did. And 64% of workers want to use meeting time with their boss to solve problems, but 19% report they rarely or never do.

Sixty-four percent of workers say they wish they could talk to their boss about problems with colleagues, but only 8% actually do.

There’s a song playing in my head as I write this. It’s “Communication Breakdown” by Led Zeppelin:

Communication breakdown, it’s always the same.

I’m having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane!

The bottom line is workers who feel connected with their colleagues and leader are more likely to feel good about their jobs, and workers who feel connected to their leaders are more likely to remain in their jobs and bring their A game.

What kind of leader are you?


*The Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project, June 2013
**The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Employee Work Passion Survey 2013