Playing to the Edge in Las Vegas

What an incredible week as I attended the International Coaching Federation’s international conference! The theme was Playing to the Edge. With more than 1,000 coaches from around the world, we gathered together to continue our studies in the art and science of coaching and share perspectives on how we can help businesses and employees achieve their potential in our global economy.

Some of my personal highlights:

Having returned from the conference, renewed and invigorated, I was today’s guest on KCMX 880AM’s “Southern Oregon Live,” where I talked about happiness at work. In the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking at the 2011 Mentoring Conference at the University of New Mexico’s Mentoring Institute; return as a guest to KCMX, where I’ll appear on the “Open for Business” program; and also address the members of the Southern Oregon Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Managers in Medford, Oregon.


  1. The Brefi Group just published a blog on “How to think like Leonardo da Vinci” that reflected on Michael Gelb’s keynote. I loved the keynote and have referred to it in this blog entry. Here’s Brefi’s synopsis.

    Michael Gelb had identified seven principles used by da Vinci: –

    Curiosity (curiosita)
    Keep a notebook or journal so that you can capture your thoughts
    Decide where you are best located to get your best ideas
    When you are relaxed, your mind is free
    Capture your ideas unformed – all mixed up together – in your notebook
    When your mind is free you can make connections

    Demonstration (dimonstrazione)
    Demonstrate through experience
    Draw things from three perspectives
    View/think of things from three different perspectives
    Beware of believing in your own ideas

    Sharpen your senses (sensazione)
    Listen to beautiful music, poetry, observe beauty

    Embrace the unknown (sfumato)
    Maintain a sense of presence, use your intuition
    Integrate emotional and spiritual intelligence
    Harmony/balance of opposites – yin/yang

    Art of science (arte/scienza)
    Use your whole brain
    Balance your left and right brain

    Body and mind (corporalita)
    Learn to preserve your own health
    Keep your mind positive
    Healthy food shared with people you love

    Everything connects to everything else (connessione)
    Systems thinking
    Stay centred in your highest purpose
    Find serenity

    Michael Gelb illustrated his talk with a mindmap that I used as the key image for this blog entry.

    Please share your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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