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The Wall Street Journal is Measuring Happiness at Work

Check this out—The Wall Street Journal is measuring happiness at work using the same assessment tool I have been using with my clients. This link takes you to the article and gives people the opportunity to use the free (short report) assessment. They will be reporting the results next month.

PS: The blog author Jessica Pryce-Jones wrote the book “Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success” is the founder of the iOpener Institute for People and Performance. I’ll be hanging out with Jess this weekend at the International Coaching Federation conference in Las Vegas, where she is one of the speakers.

Chris Receives Accreditation from iOpener Institute for People and Performance and Can Now Offer a Free Team Report


Capiche is happy to announce that Chris Cook has received full accreditation from the iOpener Institute for People and Performance, based in Oxford, England. Chris is the only iOpener-accredited coach in the Pacific Northwest, and she has access to iOpener tools and solutions that no other coach in the region enjoys.

iOpener accreditation allows Chris to use the People and Performance Questionnaire (iPPQ) to perform an in-depth analysis of how employees feel about their work and how well they are performing in their work environment. The iPPQ assesses both individuals and teams, providing leaders with clearer insights into what works in their organization, and what could be better. The iPPQ provides practical next steps and encourages managers and leaders to share responsibility with their teams.

If you are interested in a complimentary team report, call Chris.

These reports are highly pragmatic and allow Chris to focus on how to make positive changes in your organization while protecting what works well. Best of all, the iPPQ is grounded in years of research, which can be found in academic journals and at presentations worldwide.

Call Chris at 541.601.0114 or email to learn how you may receive your complimentary team report.