Capiche reports on the latest news related to the science of happiness in the workplace, offering tips on how you can boost employee productivity and happiness at your organization.


Moneeka Settles & Chris Cook

Chris Cook and Moneeka Settles were recently featured on KOBI5 News, where they discussed Southern Oregon University’s new Innovation and Leadership Degree program. Designed to meet the needs of both working professionals and employers, the accelerated program targets individuals with a desire to lead, innovate, collaborate, and think creatively. Chris Cook teaches the Emotional Intelligence class for the new program.

Colleen Johnston and Chris Cook on SOREDI

Chris Cook joins Colleen Johnston of Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. (SOREDI) to talk about The Southern Oregon Edge. That edge includes the livability of the region; shipping accessibility; helpful services like SOREDI and Business Oregon; vibrant organizations; and the friendly business community. In addition to supporting local businesses, SOREDI is also reaching out both regionally and nationally to raise awareness about The Southern Oregon Edge.

Mt. Ashland Is Responding to Community Concerns

Chris Cook’s article, “Mt. Ashland Is Responding to Community Concerns,” was published in the October 10, 2014, edition of the Medford Mail Tribune. She reports on findings from the community survey, including:

While open-ended questions led to many different responses, areas that emerged as top concerns focused strongly on indoor amenities such healthier and more varied food selections, more lodge seating and storage, a larger bar area and enhanced customer service. On-slope improvements including longer runs, more beginner and intermediate terrain and better lifts also received top mentions.

Mt. Ashland Sets Forth Plan for Season

Chris Cook is quoted in the recent Medford Mail Tribune article “Mt. Ashland Sets Forth Plan for Season”:

As part of its broadening of its mission and image, the association plans to forge a new “DNA statement,” defining “who we are and what we promise,” said Chris Cook. “It’s basically branding, so if we say we’re stewards of the environment, we’re going to act like it,” and the same when it comes to aiding people with disabilities, she said.

The Wall Street Journal on Happiness at Work

Two recent posts on The Wall Street Journal’s “The Source” discuss happiness at work and use the same assessment tool as Capiche.

The first piece explains happiness at work and invites readers to take the assessment survey.

The second post reports on the survey results, which will likely surprise you!